Company Overview

SUPERSHIP SOLUTIONS provides trusted Shipping and Logistical solutions, offering businesses greater control over their express, ground and supply chain distribution services, essentially helping our customers to reduce their costs and refocus on core business issues. SUPERSHIP SOLUTIONS is committed to providing a comprehensive array of multi-carrier express and ground shipping solutions and services that enable our customers to operate efficiently each and every day.


Our executive management team has over 50 years of professional experience and proactively manages relationships with customers and suppliers, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.


SUPERSHIP SOLUTIONS's exclusive corporate alliances and vast buying power within the international courier and transportation industry have given us an unparalleled global presence that simply translates into cost-effective solutions for our customers.


Today, SUPERSHIP SOLUTIONS is able to provide its customers with a complete shipping solution. Our professional services are tailored to meet key individual requirements. Our clients rely on us to keep them current on shipping trends and technology to reduce overall shipping costs.


It is the goal of SUPERSHIP SOLUTIONS to deliver competitive products and exceptional customer service using today's most advanced technology.


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SUPERSHIP SOLUTIONS moves time sensitive material worldwide on time, every time.